Howard is the best therapist I have ever worked with.  He is professional and well trained, with the experience needed to work with the most complex and delicate of patients.  He is uniquely qualified and my patients rave about him.  -Dr. Robert Sloan, MD

All of my patients who have been referred to Howard have commented on the excellent care they received, and the results of his treatment have proven to be a large factor in their overall healing. -Dr Carol Wilder, MD

I have a chronic condition due to a car wreck and numerous on-the-job injuries… it causes constant headaches and numbness in my hands and arms.  I am not able to convey my appreciation for what Mr. Rhinehart has done for me, and as a result, for my family.  Howard’s techniques work on the whole body…THANK YOU- you have given me my life back.   -RC

I moved home to Hilo from San Francisco to continue my treatments for Breast Cancer.   I was so grateful to be able to replace my SF massage therapist.  I found Howard with White Ginger Healing right in HILO through my mom who is a Breast Cancer Survivor!!  Howard is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist with several years experience in Oncology Massage…it is downright amazing that I can talk to him about my chemo drugs and he knows of the side-effects and techniques to help me handle them.  Before I was diagnosed I was half-way through my Masters in Chinese Medicine.  I was so pleased to discover that Howard uses acupressure points that correspond to the meridians that may need a boost – like for a weakened immune system, or a release – like for high toxicity in your liver.  For all that I do to destroy cancer cells in my body, the one thing I must do on a weekly basis is give back to my body through massage.  It is truly a blessing to find a practitioner like who Howard chooses to specialize in Oncology massage due to an inherent passion to help those who most need it.  Thank goodness for people like him. -Lynne

…Howard has helped me through my stress, my grief and also my aches and pains…  What appealed the most to me is his compassionate care…  He takes the time to listen and treats you like you are his only client… I highly recommend him and will continue to do so.  -JL

I enjoy a good massage, but more so I value a massage that “hits the spot” and gives relief to my headaches and body aches. I don’t know how Howard finds the key spots, — and he doesn’t even press hard… it’s like his chi unblocks my chi and then he levels out the tight spot ??? The first time I went to his new office was for my chronic headaches. He took time to talk and get an overview of my lifestyle before we started. He was more than generous with his time. I struggled to stay awake, but I didn’t want to miss out on the great tension relief. On my drive home I was OMG giddy to realize how flexible my neck and shoulders were — I hadn’t felt that loose in my neck for more than a decade. Mahalo Howard.

I’ve had neck pain resulting from an auto accident in January of 2007. I’ve been through the medical tests, x-rays, shots, etc, and still endure pain on a daily basis.  I was referred to Howard Rhinehart, LMT at White Ginger Healing, to obtain a series of massage therapy treatments.  At first, I saw him twice a week, every week for at least a month. The pain became more manageable between appointments and we started to stretch them to twice a month, and finally once a month. 

   My doctor said my options were surgery, or pain killers for the rest of my life.  The insurance monies were quickly running out. I stopped seeing Howard for several months. The pain returned to a daily basis again. I thought I’d just have to live with it.  Unable to withstand the pain, I made an appointment to see Howard. It is three days since my appointment. Compared to a daily pain level between 6 to 8 (10 being the worst), today, I am just feeling a really dull ache. Although I still seek a more permanent solution for my pain, I know that Howard’s therapy does work for me, and I can feel pain-free days through him.  -DA

I recently had a wonderful massage from Howard Rhinehart of White Ginger Healing. His new location is a very peaceful setting that evokes relaxation. His healing hands helped to soothe my aching muscles and gave me relief from sore joints. What I find most special about Howard is the high level of healing energy he transferred to me while massaging. I left his office feeling rejuvenated not only in my body but also in my soul. His desire to heal runs very deep as is evidenced by his commitment to help those in our community under the care of hospice. I highly recommend Howard Rhinehart and will continue to see him in the future for massage.  -EC