Helpful Tips

Here are some tips for everyone to consider prior to each massage session.

1. When coming in for a massage, be open to receiving the healing that I offer. My intention is to be holistic in my approach, encompassing the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Mind, body, spirit and all our “parts” really are connected.

2. As a massage therapist I strive to be sensitive to how your body is responding during a session, but I am not clairvoyant; tell me at the time if I am working on a “good” (or “bad”) spot. For example, if it hurts, is it in a good, helpful way? Does it mimic your symptoms; do you sense that it is related to your chief complaint? Or do I need to decrease pressure or avoid this area?

3. If you are comfortable, let me know the sources of stress/tension/pain in your life and body so that I may adjust the treatment to you as an individual. It’s also helpful to know of any past injuries, even if years ago.

4. As there are some conditions that contraindicate massage, or at least require modification, it is important to let me know of any changes in your health status or medications.

5. Notice new experiences. Massage is a means of getting better in touch with oneself. It is not uncommon to hear, “I didn’t know there was tension/pain in that spot until you started working there”. Massage can be an awakening.

6. Learn to receive. Many of us do not balance giving and receiving in our lives. You are unique and you deserve to receive safe, compassionate, skilled touch.