Am I a good choice for you?

First, let me state that every massage therapist is different from every other. That is not to say that one is better or worse, just that we are each unique. Unfortunately, this can make choosing a good therapist a challenge. Some people think I’m terrific; others think I’m so-so; in truth, both are correct. I am good at what I do, but I cannot be the best choice for everyone, so with that in mind I offer the following information: My approach is both gentle and effective. I’ve been termed a “put-you-to-sleep” kind of massage therapist; it is not uncommon, therefore, for my clients to dose off during the massage. Personally, I take this as a compliment and believe that in many cases results are greater when the client’s conscious mind is stilled.

At WGH I offer a high level of compassion and strive to nourish hope. Several clients come to me because they have exhausted conventional medicine without satisfactory results or they want to avoid pills and/or surgery. My practice makes no guarantees, but I would estimate that 75% find at least temporary relief from their pain. Hope is alive; even if you have tried other massage therapists or have doubts that you can be helped, hold onto the truth that healing is possible.

Although it has its own place, I do not offer spa-type massage. Each session is tailored to the individual. Further, I tend to be detail oriented. I try to, as one client said, “dial into” the exact area that is causing the problem.

In maintaining my national certification in massage (which is optional in Hawaii) I have made the commitment to adhere to a strict code of ethics and to constantly strive to improve/enhance my practice through continuing education courses. Learning is a life-long journey, and I always want to be improving the level of care I can provide.

I deal with many clients who have moderate to severe symptoms; some are quite complex in their dysfunction(s). As a result I feel that it is important for me to spend extra time to just listen prior to the massage; I want to “hear your story” so that I can develop the best possible treatment plan. As an example, a client comes in complaining of neck pain. In listening to her story, I find that her beloved dog has recently died. So, in my treatment I work on the neck problem, and also incorporate some reflex and acupressure points that support someone undergoing an important loss (grief).

In the interest of being complete, here are some clues for those who are NOT as likely to be satisfied and/or repeat clients:

  • If you believe that massage has to hurt to work, I may not be a good choice.
  • I do not offer sports massage. If you want lots of “stretching and elbows”, there are better therapists for you.
  • If you want hard pressure, body-wide, I am not a good choice. I do deep tissue work in discrete areas, especially the neck, but it doesn’t require pressing harder to get to the underlying muscle layers as some people think.